There is a common belief that CRM for small business is more an object of luxury than a useful thing. However we would like to dismiss this myth. DevGroup specialists have been working on the business automation market for more that 16 years and led at least 47 CRM projects for small companies both in the UK and over the world. All of them turned out to be successful!

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Why Does Your Small Business need CRM?

  • It allows you to simplify internal and external communication. With an appropriate Customer Relationship Management system you will be able to receive and send mail, set tasks to employees, assign responsibility, create reports, import and export contacts, etc. So you will save a lot of time and spend it in a productive way. Your forecast accuracy will rise by more than 40%.
  • CRM for small business helps you to be up-to-date with your leads, prospects and contacts. All the information you need will be in one place so that you can easily access and analyze it. Moreover, your sales, marketing and service departments will be able to process this data too. It will help them to segment target audience, work more effectively and quickly react to changing business environment. Your sales productivity will rise approximately by 34%!
  • For small business CRM is a valuable system to implement as with it you will reduce total amount of manual errors and, consequently, cut expenses. You will earn more and be able to invest in development of your company. This will affect the pace of its growth in a positive manner. Every year CRM for small business helps every DevGroup client save about 264 working hours!

DevGroup Is a Valuable Partner!

  • 16-year history.
  • More than 112 happy clients.
  • Certified IT-specialists who work in business automation sphere for more than 5 years.
  • Guaranteed results fixed in monthly reports.
  • Legal agreement signed with every client.
  • Moderate prices and personal discounts for loyal customers.
  • WOW through service for everyone.

So if you do not have a Customer Relationship Management system yet, consider the aforementioned arguments and think about modernizing your workflow. If you are an owner of a small business, CRM is just what you need to outrank competitors and take your organization to the next level of proficiency. To get a complimentary consultation do not hesitate to contact us right now via the form below. We will be glad to offer you a solution that will meet your current needs and budget.