ERP system is a modern technology that aims at enhancing efficiency of any organization that implements it. It is a set of integrated applications that you can use to collect and share business information, thus getting a holistic view on what happens in a company at any particular moment. Being a management software, ERP simplifies communication between various departments within an organization, so the decision making process gets faster and easier. It all helps you to reduce operating costs and the number of employees involved in work processes.

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Functional Areas of an ERP System

As a rule, any Enterprise Resource Planning software has several modules that control some core spheres of business activities. They are:

  • manufacturing,
  • accounting,
  • project and supply chain management,
  • CRM as a part of ERP,
  • HR,
  • order processing,
  • data interchange.

The number of modules depends on the size of your company and on the list of tasks that your employees have to fulfill. If it is necessary, ERP can be extended with third-party software that your business partners use. The system is customizable in order to cover all of your information management needs.

How Long Will the Implementation of ERP Software Last?

To answer this question it is necessary to understand complexity of your project and qualification of programmers who will be working on it. Standard ERP solutions are usually implemented in four stages.

  1. 1. Consulting and planning.
  2. 2. Development and customization.
  3. 3. Testing and adjustment.
  4. 4. Ongoing support.

If executed in the right way, the process does not need to be painful or time-consuming. However, if you are not an IT expert and do not have such specialists in staff, you'd better not try to develop your own ERP system from scratch as in this case do-it-yourself approach proves to be a bad idea. Instead consider hiring an experienced professional who can do it for you or a group of such people. Some of them are working in our company and are ready to come to your rescue.

DevGroup Offers You:

  • Guaranteed results. We have been a part of business automation market for 16 years, and it allowed us to get enough experience and positive reputation. Customers from all over the world choose us, and we do our best to justify their trust.
  • First-class service. Our IT specialists are certified and have been working in ERP solutions sphere for at least 5 years. Thanks to this you may be sure that all the actions will be carefully planned and taken in time. Every month you will get a report of performed works.
  • Moderate prices. We do everything using our own inner resources and do not collaborate with freelancers. It allows to cut costs both for us and for our clients.

To get more information about ERP implementation, CRM integration and other services, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below. We will try to give you quick feedback.