The process of ERP implementation does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort. Depending on the size of your organization and on your business demands, ERP implementation may last from several weeks to some months. It starts with consulting and planning that is followed by development and customization. At this stage ERP integration with third-party applications happens. Finally, the company employees learn how to work with the system and test it.

To be done properly ERP implementation should better be entrusted to IT professionals who know their job perfectly well, such as DevGroup specialists. Thus you can save time and money that you will otherwise spend on redoing the task and correcting errors of dilettanti.

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ERP Implementation Can Transform Your Business!

  • Quality and efficiency of your company will improve as well as its core processes: sales forecasting, order tracking, customer relationship building, etc. All of the staff members will have access to necessary information and to everyday must-do list. Everyone will understand the scope of personal responsibility and have to meet the deadlines.
  • The upper level management will become more easy and effective. All the data needed for decision-making will be accumulated in one place and accessible 24/7 through different mobile devices.
  • The relationship within departments in the company will be more simple and flexible. If something important happens, you can use the system to announce the news, and all the employees will get aware of it within a few minutes. It will allow them to act timely. So the company as a whole will get more flexible and adaptive to quickly changing business circumstances.

Benefits You Get When Starting Collaboration with DevGroup

  • WOW through service. We are ready to provide you with ongoing support and assistance any time you need it. If questions arise our IT expert will answer them as soon as possible and show you reports of performed works.
  • Real results. We have 16-year experience of ERP implementation and integration and know how to organize this process in the most productive way. Just in a week or so you will be able to see the first results and adjust the plan of future works.

With the DevGroup business automation solutions you can always run your company with the most advanced capability. To get a free consultation or a business offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the form below. We are always ready to help you!