A right CRM system will help you to make smarter business decisions thus allowing you to cover the investment expenses and increase profits. However the task of choosing the appropriate option seems difficult to non-IT professionals. So in order to avoid possible negative consequences you'd better entrust the selection process to a reputed CRM agency such as DevGroup. We have more than 16-year experience in business automation sphere and are ready to take up the challenge with a particular attention to your needs and demands.

About us

Distinctive Features of Our CRM Solutions

  • Multifunctionality. Any CRM system aims at organizing your interaction with clients, business partners and agents as effectively as possible. So all our Customer Relationship Management platforms contain a full range of instruments that will allow you to create new events, make phone calls, send messages and email, arrange meetings, carry out analysis, etc. With our CRM software you will be able to collect critical data and up-to-date information and revise it any time you need.
  • Flexibility and adaptiveness. Your business is not a stable unit but a constantly changing living organism. That is why it is extremely important that your CRM software can be upgraded as your company grows and new goals appear. IT solutions offered by DevGroup are easily integrated with a lot of other platforms and third-party applications. You may do these adjustments by yourself or make use of our CRM support service.
  • Internationality. CRM solutions that we offer work equally well in the UK and all over the world. They support multiple languages so you can select a suitable one. It is especially convenient for companies that collaborate with partners and suppliers from different countries or have representative offices in many cities worldwide.

DevGroup Proves to Be One of Industry Leaders Because:

  • We hire certified professionals. All of them have at least 5 years of experience in setting up and tuning CRM software.
  • We have more than 100 success stories in such industries as Healthcare, Telecommunications, E-commerce, Banking, Law and many others. So you may be sure that we will deliver a cost-effective CRM to your business no matter what sphere it refers to.
  • We get guaranteed and measurable results. On average, with our CRM systems clients get 30% reduction in operating costs. We measure this metric for every project and show the figures in monthly reports.
  • We will offer you affordable prices. It is possible because we do not work with freelancers and have all the necessary specialists in staff.

So if you want to exploit CRM opportunities to the fullest and use them to balance the value you bring to and get from your customers, do not lose your time and contact a DevGroup manager for a complimentary consultation! To do this fill in the form below. We will do our best to provide prompt feedback.