CRM implementation opens up new horizons for developing your business and making it more cost effective. However to bring the expected results it should be done properly by a certified IT specialist. Otherwise, it may turn into useless investment and you risk to lose a lot of time and money. So if you are thinking about CRM implementation but do not have special knowledge and qualified staff members, do not hesitate to ask DevGroup for help.

About us

Tools of Customer Relationship Management System

  • Document imaging and approval.
  • Sales lead generation.
  • Purchase requests.
  • Workflow scheduler.
  • Voting.
  • Contact management.
  • Timesheet approval.
  • Digital forms.
  • Internal help desk.
  • Expense approval.
  • Web portal.

These are just a few standard functions the CRM can perform after its integration into your business processes. Still the software that we offer is 100% customizable. It means that we deliver such a solution that is tailored precisely for your business needs and demands. With our CRM software you will not only achieve your current goals but also analyze the market situation, reveal customer motivation and buying habits. Thus, our IT solutions are designed to make everything easier for your organization!

Ordering CRM Integration at DevGroup is a Perfect Choice, Because:

  • You are sure to get quality service. We hire only IT specialists with more than 5 years of experience in business automation sphere. Customer needs and demands turn out to be their number 1 priority. So they will always ask for your feedback in order to commit quality outcomes.
  • You will be offered moderate price. Our staff have all the necessary resources to cope with CRM integration without the help of any third-party. Thanks to this we set affordable prices for our clients. Moreover, our loyal customers can be granted with discounts and bonuses.
  • You will get guaranteed results. Up to now we have been providing business automation services for more than 16 years. Such industry experience allows us to guarantee that you will get exactly what you need to. All our obligations will be fixed in a contract.

Every business owner wants to grow revenue and decrease costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve campaign efficiency, forecast accuracy and timeliness. Don't you need it too? If so, CRM implementation is one of the best possible solutions.

So do not lose your time and get a business proposal from DevGroup professionals. The estimation service is free and takes not more than 5 business days. Just contact us right now and leave a request.