CRM consultancy services are aimed at introducing the principles of using a Customer Relationship Management System to companies that have never encountered with this information technology before. They will be helpful for those who need professional advice on how to work with this new mechanism of dealing with clients and how to improve it.

About us

CRM Consultancy Presupposes:

  • Selection of Customer Relationship Management System for your organization.
  • CRM set up and adjustment.
  • Preparation of Customer Relationship Management Strategy.
  • Giving advice on any matters that refer to building CRM culture in your company.

So if you need one of aforementioned tasks to be done, get in touch with the DevGroup team. We will provide professional guidance and resolve any of your CRM problems that may arise within the shortest possible time.

Why DevGroup Is Worth Trusting?

  • First-class service. At DevGroup we use a CRM system of our own to meet any of the clients' demands. You will know who is responsible for a certain task and when it will be done. Besides, a personal project manager will always be happy to answer your questions.
  • Guaranteed results. We have been working in the business automation sphere for more than 16 years. It allowed us to gain expertise in various domains. So now we can help you to get excellent results no matter what sphere you are doing your business in.
  • Affordable price. We have all the necessary inner resources for providing high-quality CRM consultancy services without any help from third-party organizations. In such a way we cut operational costs so that we could offer you a price suited to your budget.

DevGroup specialists are ready to approach a CRM project of any level at any stage in order to help you get the most of your business. Do not waste your time and contact us right now. We'd love to help!