Contrary to popular belief, a B2C CRM differs a lot from a B2B solution. The process of building relationship with customers has some peculiarities that you should take into account while choosing a business automation software. For example, while running a B2C company you have to manage a large contact base, convert a lot of low-priced leads into sales and communicate with buyers at an emotional level. So a customer relationship management system should help you to achieve all these general goals and some specific ones that depend on demands of your business.

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Main Features Your B2C CRM Should Have

  • Gathering of customer dissatisfaction information such as data about wrong invoices, out-of-stock products, long queues and so on.
  • Cross-team collaboration that allows all your employees to access the knowledge base any time they need it using any available mobile device.
  • Managing a large amount of leads, contacts and sales.
  • Performing smart segmentation based on customer satisfaction level.
  • Keeping all information organized and easy-to-use for various marketing activities.
  • Providing efficient mechanisms to analyze your results, measure your KPIs and ROI.

DevGroup Specialists Will Offer You a Perfect B2C CRM

Customer relationship management system is not just an out-of-the box software that you can buy, install and use till the end of time. The product itself may be of high quality and have broad functionality, but if it does not meet your needs, it would be of no use. So think twice before trying to fix the problem by yourself. We at DevGroup believe that the task of choosing and adjusting the B2C CRM should be given to professionals, if you want to save time and money and achieve great results. And we are always ready to help! Just trust our 16-year experience and write down your requirements in the form below.