We will help you to get rid of extra paperwork, simplify internal communication and enforce accountability. Your business will become more effective and profitable!

Who We Are And Why You Should Care

While performing your daily duties, you are sure to deal with sorting papers, answering e-mails, setting the same tasks for your employees and doing many other repetitive actions. Gradually it turns into routine you are sinking into instead of achieving important goals and searching for new ways to improve your business.

What if we say that you do not need to work like this anymore? What if we can optimize your business processes using special software tools? What if by ordering our services you can save time and spend it in a more productive way?

DevGroup is a team of IT professionals who specialize in business automation. We have been working for companies all over the world for more that 16 years. Our clients are those who want to have a broad vision of changing trends and stay ahead in the market competition. If you are moving in the same direction and running your business in this particular manner, we suggest that you should start collaborating with our team.


Why DevGroup?

High level of proficiency. We hire only experienced employees majoring in IT whose skills are proved by certificates. They often share their knowledge at congresses and seminars. Only last year we talked at 2 conferences and 9 business lunches.

Guaranteed results. All the works we perform are pointed out in a contract we sign with customers. For you it is a guarantee that all business automation services will be provided duly and timely.

Affordable price. We fulfill all the tasks using our own resources and do not work with any intermediate parties. Thanks to this we set moderate prices.

Successful projects in various areas. We have already helped hundreds of companies all over the world to achieve their business goals. We can cope with different tasks concerning Web Development, E-commerce, Online payment systems, Enterprise Data and Document Management, etc.

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Our Business Automation Services

At DevGroup we do our best to collaborate with clients easily and successfully. We provide a full range of services that you can order in complex or separately.

Business process automation

We will integrate new applications into your work flow and extend the existing IT systems. You will reduce the amount of manual tasks for your staff and, consequently, cut the operating costs.

CRM integration

We will make your website and CRM function together smoothly. You will keep track of customers, prospects and sales more quickly than now, thus improving client management and retention.

ERP integration

We will make your ERP communicate with third-party business software solutions. You will be able to satisfy your various B2B demands so that your employees get real-time information and take all the necessary actions at the right moment.

Integration with other platforms

We will analyze the software you have and make your existing CRM meet your new requirements. All you need to increase your business focus and make your marketing more targeted is tell us about the platforms you want to integrate.

You Should Automate Your Business Processes, If You Want to:

  1. Minimize costs brought about by manual errors by 30% and more.
  2. Enhance tracking of marketing goals, sales opportunities, planning and inventory control.
  3. Streamline internal and external communication.
  4. These are just a few goals that you can achieve with our business software solutions. For more information do not hesitate to contact our manager by phone, e-mail or using the order form.

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We Let the Facts Speak for Themselves

  • 16

    years of experience
  • 112

    happy clients
  • 264

    working hours saved for every client annually
  • 30%

    reduction in costs your business can get with our software solutions